Brothers open DeGiulio’s Pharmacy in Lewiston NY January 2nd


For over 50 years, there has been a pharmacist from the DeGiulio family serving the people of Youngstown, Ransomville, and Lewiston. Richard and James DeGiulio are excited to announce that they will soon once again be serving their community from their own independent pharmacy.

DeGiulio’s Pharmacy will be opening with the singular goal of practicing pharmacy in a way that puts customers first.

“DeGiulio’s Pharmacy gives you the time your health deserves,” said Jim. “It will be completely customer-focused. It’s not a gimmick – it’s our history, our background, our passion. This is the way we’ve always practiced.”

Both Jim and Rick got their start as teenagers in their father’s pharmacy, Barnums. Now, as DeGiulio’s Pharmacy prepares to open its doors in Lewiston, they’re dedicated to making the right choices to best accommodate customers’ needs. They’ve each spent 35 years in the pharmacy industry, as independent store owners and managers, and working for major chain stores.

“We started thinking about this in 2013. We were tired of being beholden to the processes of a major chain,” said Rick. “The fire was there.”

That fire has been burning for a while. The DeGiulio brothers are thrilled to finally turn their vision into a reality and open a pharmacy that allows them to put their 30 years of experience to use serving customers and their community. And just like their days back at Barnums, they’ll be working side-by-side.

The new store will be a warm, approachable, modern space, carrying a mix of affordable retail options as well as high-end lines that you otherwise can’t find in Lewiston – luxury cosmetics, natural food and wellness products, and unique greeting cards. The pharmacy will carry everything you’d expect to find at a major chain, with a local, Lewiston focus. It will also offer prescription delivery in the area, ensuring community members are always able to get the medications they need.

“When you come into the store, you’ll be treated the way I would like to be treated,” said Jim. “And I have very high expectations.”

Most importantly, Rick and Jim will both be present at the new store, ensuring a skilled pharmacist is always available to serve customers. They’ll offer personalized consultations, making sure your medications mesh with your lifestyle.

“We’re going to take care of the customer – making sure you feel comfortable and valued,” Rick said. “You’re not paying more for extra service. You’re just getting the service you deserve.”

DeGiulio’s Pharmacy, located at 220 Portage Road in Lewiston, is slated to open to the public on Tuesday, January 2, 2018.

Rick and Jim look forward to welcoming new and old customers alike, so come on in and say hello, and give your health the time it deserves.